Mr. John Corapi Goes. I Stay.

Hunter S. Thompson once remarked that, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” This seems like one of those times. Remember my post on what to do while Father John Corapi was on administrative leave? Well that leave has been indefinitely extended. Back in March I wrote,

So, let’s assume the Skipper (Marine slang for Captains/Company Commanders) won’t be back, OK? But we’re still at war. So here is a little list of things to do to fill your time while Fr. John is on hiatus.

The assumption I made then, and that list of tasks I supplied you, hasn’t changed. What has changed is that John Corapi is addressed as “Mister” now. His choice. The medevac chopper? Let’s call it Blackhawk Down. Or is that Black Sheep Dog up? Yawn.

Go hear the announcement over at Deacon Greg’s place. As for me and my house, we won’t be waiting for salvation via Pirate Radio broadcasts from Mr. John Corapi anytime soon. We’ve better things to do. And better speeches to read.

Enjoy this tune about the decision making process by the Clash. Let it play in the background while you check out the rest of the news.

UPDATES: Deacon Greg on “The Morning After.” And more wise words from Deacon Scott Dodge & Co. What can an “ex-priest” do? Not much. It’s enough to make one sing the blues.

UPDATE II: I get scolded and reply.

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