These Kids Are Alright…

They are the College Students Against HHS. Go like them on their Facebook page at once. Captain’s orders. Here’s there mission statement:

We are the College Students of America.
We are the youth of the nation.
We come from all different faiths, backgrounds, heritages, and schools of thought.
We are the rising generation of leaders.
We are heavy in number, in passion to see wrongs righted, and for justice to be carried out.

We respect our differences
We champion the right to make our own decisions
We rejoice in the free expression of Faith
We value the inalienable right to religious freedom.

We oppose any threat to the way people live their faith.
We oppose any government interference in the realm of religion
We oppose the government mandate which requires religious institutions and those who are morally opposed to the use of contraceptives, sterilizations, and abortifacients to supply them in their health care plans.

We will work tirelessly to ensure our civil liberties are defended now and for future generations.
We will stand in solidarity with all people whose Religious freedom is being threatened
We will see this mandate rescinded.

We are College Students
We have a voice
And we oppose the HHS mandate

Strike up the band, in a Two-for-Thursday sound break from the Who.

The Kids Are Alright

Join Together (live)


Carry on.

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