Riding the Shuttle Solid Rocket Boosters (Because Catholics Dig Science)

Way back at the end of January and into early February, I was pretending to pilot the Space Shuttle into orbit. Remember those heady days when ya’ll (29,172 of you) signed the little petition that could? Exciting times on the USS Freedom of Concience!

Well, what we have here is the sights and sounds of the launch of the Space Shuttle from the perspective of the reusable solid propellant boosters. You’re going to want to crank up the volume, or listen with your headphones, for the full effect. Awesomeness provided by our tax dollars, NASA, and the folks at Skywalker Ranch.

Did you see her break the sound barrier between 700-800 MPH? Neat! Kind of makes you want to go build your own rocket like the Astronaut Farmer. You’ll find a little more information about this video over at Gizmodo. H/T to Rod Bennett.

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