Spam Bots Now Know…

…that my investment insights are as invaluable as the sorcerers stone, and likely to enrich their masters beyond the wildest dreams of avarice. They appreciate, see, the depths of my knowledge in the dark arts of money making so much that they paid me homage in an attempt to enter the combox.

Chanced upon your site. This post on the investing pitfalls for the year is very insightful.

Oh happy chance! Because the investing pitfalls I mentioned in that particular post, though not mine, are very insightful. They might even help keep me, the spam bots, and their masters, out of the abyss.

True story. Did I ever tell you about the Great Bubble of 33AD? It’s perfect for Holy Week,

There was a brutal bear market in the Spring of the year 33 AD. Not in wheat or lamb futures, nor in cloth, or precious metals. This was a bear market of the human soul, and it was experienced acutely by the Disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Graphically, it looked a lot like what Sir Isaac Newton experienced in the great South Sea Bubble.

It started off innocently enough three years earlier. A wild man, with a great speaking voice, was crying out from the desert. People flocked from miles around to listen to him. Quickly thereafter, though, the authorities from the Souls Exchange Commission (aka the SEC) clapped him in irons, and later on had him put to death for fraud, or some other trumped up charge.

You can read the rest of the tale at Because Christ Came To Occupy the World.

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