Want To Be In A Movie? Casting Call!

Urakami Cathedral, 500 meters from Ground Zero.

What am I talking about? The film by Ian and Dominic Higgins, that’s what. You remember the one? It’s called All That Remains, and it’s the amazing story of Takashi Nagai, and how he responded to the bombing of his beloved city, Nagasaki.

Here’s a little message Nigel Martin Davey, one of my Co-Producers (a real one, not an honorary one like me) put out recently if you are interested.

Ref: Feature film – Nagasaki 1945 [ Birmingham, England, 9th Aug ]

Hello all

We are developing a feature film based around the atomic bombing of Nagasaki in
1945. The award-winning directors will be shooting part
of the film in the Birmingham area. It will be an uplifting film highlighting
the fact that peace can come out of war – you are welcome to view
the initial trailer at the link below:

During August we will be filming the scenes of the aftermath of the devastation
caused by the bombing. For these scenes we are looking for Japanese extras to
take part.

This would involve being in the background of the scene – No acting experience
is necessary! We would love for any members of your society to be involved.
In order to portray the scene effectively we need extras men and women of all

This is a low budget feature film, so unfortunately we will not be able to pay
our extras, but each person will receive a film credit and there will be
refreshments provided. The filming will take place just off the M5 Junction 2.

The date of filming is Thursday 9th August – full details will be provided
as soon as possible.

We also are doing a small bit of filming on Sunday August 12th at the same place in
case the weekend is better for other people.

If anyone would be interested in doing something a bit different this summer,
and join us in the production of this film, please contact me for the details

Best Wishes,

Nigel Martin Davey – Co-Producer
Mobile: 07713 341 349

There you have it. And what a great time of year to shoot these sequences too, as the dates practically coincide with the anniversaries of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Two days in the history of our planet that truly should live in infamy. It’s like my friend Mark Shea notes in his recent post,

In the Church’s mind, it turns out that not just American innocents should not be deliberately incinerated in their beds. Japanese innocents also turn out to be human beings and their murder is also a crime against man and God.

It’s a special sort of blasphemy to call down the blessing of God on the mass murder of 30,000 civilians. It should stop.

Indeed, it should. Pat Archbold concurs. Maybe helping us make this movie will help to stop the insanity. Make a donation over at Paypal. While you’re there, enjoy the lad’s latest blog post, which turns out to be a great music post that brings the horror of these bombings into your earphones, and into the popular culture. Here’s a sample of one of the selections,

Bryan Ferry, Hiroshima.

Check out the rest. Thanks for your help, dear readers! If you’re in England in August, come on out to Birmingham!

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