The Best Pro-Life Rock Song Ever (Music For Mondays)

Image credit: AP

Yeah, it’s a Neil Young song. And it wrapped up the Global Citizen Festival that I posted about on Saturday.

What’s the name of this little tune? Rockin’ in the Free World, of course. And here, we have it with special guest stars Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, Band of Horses, and some guy named K’Naan (showing my age, I know), along with the guys from Crazy Horse.

Did you know about Neil Young’s support for The Bridge School?

In 1985, finding no school that met the needs of their children, Pegi Young and Jim Forderer, in conjunction with Dr. Marilyn Buzolich, a speech and language pathologist, took a bold step that would impact the lives of children in the San Francisco Bay area. They proposed a school dedicated to providing an environment where children with complex communication needs could learn, grow and thrive while developing the specific skills and abilities each child is likely to need to be successful as adults and to realize a high quality of life.

1986: First Annual Bridge School Benefit Concert Held

Many dreams are thwarted due to a lack of funds, but this group did not let this deter them and on October 13, 1986, a concert with Neil Young and his friends raised the necessary money to start The Bridge School.

Two of his children have cerebral palsy, and the third has epilepsy. Love him or hate him, Neil Young doesn’t just talk the talk about the dignity of human beings.  He walks the walk.

Rarely do I link to Fox News, but even they got it right about his recent performance when they said,

Neil Young and Crazy Horse throttle Central Park crowd in free concert also featuring Foo Fighters, Black Keys

…But it was Young, with his on-again off-again band Crazy Horse, that brought the night’s transcendent performance, starting with a 14-minute barrage of distortion and harmonies in the song “Love and Only Love” from the album “Ragged Glory,” and ending with the Young anthem “Keep on Rockin in the Free World,” backed by the night’s previous performers, all wide-eyed and smiles as they performed with a true musical legend still at the height of his uncanny powers.

True story.

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