The Real Reason the Conclave is On March 12th, and not March 11th…UPDATED

What? You thought you could just bring in some folding chairs and tables into the Sistine Chapel, as if it’s just your average parish hall, or something? Please.


We’re putting a floor in here, people! You thought this stuff just builds itself? See you on Tuesday afternoon (if we don’t run out of lumber).

That’s the real story. I now return you to the other story, courtesy of the Catholic Herald in the UK.

The Vatican press office has said the conclave to elect the successor of Pope Benedict XVI will begin on Tuesday.

“Cause the fellas will be done with construction, and the electrician will be done too.”

St. Joseph knows…


Like I was sayin’,

Catholic News Service – Main reason for conclave date revealed.

Vatican City, Mar 9, 2013 / 01:02 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- An overwhelming majority of the College of Cardinals agreed on holding the conclave March 12 because the Sistine Chapel and St. Martha House needed more time to be ready for it.

Read the rest.

Joe Six-Pack has his moments. They’re rare, but he does have them. 🙂



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