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The Conversion of Takashi Nagai, And His Vocation of Love

All the buzz a few months back was the cause for the sainthood of Dorothy Day. The New York Times even weighed in on her cause, though they don’t quite know what to make of her, and of Catholics who … Continue reading

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If Only I Could Get A Room At St. Martha’s House!

Then I could attend daily mass with Pope Francis. Of course, I can get the next best thing, by following along with Vatican Radio’s coverage. (Vatican Radio) Pope Francis, during Mass at the Casa Santa Martha on Saturday morning, invited … Continue reading

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A Great Tweet From Pope Francis Today…

It’s basically something I’ve been telling my children forever… And do great things, while always giving thanks to God! H/T YOUCAT

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Why Does Fox News Hate the U.S. Constitution?

This would be one of those rare times when I thank God for lawyers. Because if the whiz kids at Fox News is where “conservatives” are getting their fix of “right thinking,” then they are doing it from the wrong … Continue reading

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Rod Bennett Is On the Mission of Forming Intentional Disciples with the Smoky Mountain Scripture Study

And he’s asked me to help him out too, which means I’m inviting you to support this endeavor as well.

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Help Push the Film About the Life of Takashi Nagai Across the Finish Line

  Since the end of August, in the year of Our Lord 2011, I’ve been bringing word of, and requesting alms for, the making of the film about the life of Takashi Nagai. Generous donations from readers of this space … Continue reading

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What Three Exclamation Points in a Pope Francis Homily Really Look Like…

From this past Sunday, I would like to ask you: have you sometimes heard the voice of the Lord which through a desire, a certain restlessness, invites you to follow Him more closely? Have you heard it? I can’t hear … Continue reading

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Preliminary Injunction Granted to Seneca Hardwood Lumber Company from the HHS Mandate Rules

Back on April 19th, a family owned lumber company in Pennsylvania received some good news in their fight to not be forced to divorce their consciences from their actions. Courthouse News Service has the story.

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President Obama Ducks the Planned Parenthood Keynote Speech Date…

But, ahem, it is not a result of the outcry the Gosnell trial has raised. But don’t get too comfortable. Instead of digging into the roots of Planned Parenthood, and learning what Margaret Sanger was really up too back in the … Continue reading

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The Archdiocese of New York Withdraws Subpoena Served on the White House…

Back on April 4th, the big news was that the Archdiocese of New York subpoenaed the White House. Recall that story, three weeks back?

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