Rod Bennett Is On the Mission of Forming Intentional Disciples with the Smoky Mountain Scripture Study

And he’s asked me to help him out too, which means I’m inviting you to support this endeavor as well.

Who’s Rod Bennett? Why he’s the author of the nonfiction classic, Four Witnesses: The Early Church in Her Own WordsHe’s also the author of the science fiction novel The Christus Experiment, which is making quite a splash among folks who know good science fiction when they read it. Folks like Julie Davis and Jeff Miller. Brandon Vogt reviewed it favorably too. I started reading it on a Friday and couldn’t put it down, finishing it by Sunday afternoon (which is like a record for a slow reader like me).

You may be thinking, “Frank, this is all very interesting, but I don’t live in Tennessee. So why bother me about it?”

Because since Rod is such a giver, see,  he’s done gone and built a Facebook page that you can follow. That’s why. Plus, this is what the New Evangelization is all about. Just ask Sherry Waddell, author of Forming Intentional Disciples: The Path to Knowing and Following Jesus.

The group we’re putting together is called the Smoky Mountain Scripture Study, and it’s Facebook page is plumb full of wise posts from hither and yon, as well as recaps from stuff the locals in the Diocese of Knoxville are learning under Rod’s capable mentorship.

Besides, not enough folks know about it and we’re trying to get the word out.  So go like the page (you’ll be glad you did) and share it around.

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