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The Boston Bombers’ Turning to Religion Caused Them to Murder and Maim Innocents? UPDATED

That seems to be the thesis over at the Wall Street Journal. Once known as a quiet teenager who aspired to be a boxer, Tamerlan Tsarnaev delved deeply into religion in recent years at the urging of his mother, who … Continue reading

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Because the Church is the Port in the Storm

I remember well how it felt when I first came across these words written by Blaise Pascal. It was like reading the story of my life. It was as if I was the character Neo in movie The Matrix and … Continue reading

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Neil Diamond Sings “Sweet Caroline” Today During the Eighth Inning at Fenway Park

Boston. Baseball. A Bearded Neil Diamond…

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Eden Foods and the Impossibility of Compartmentalizing the Catholic Faith

It was G.K. Chesterton who noted that “The Catholic Church is the only thing which saves a man from the degrading slavery of being a child of his age.” I would argue that the main reason why this is true … Continue reading

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If You Would Like to Support Eden Foods While They Sue the HHS, Here’s the Website for You!

Put together by grassroots supporters of the company “who believe in the justice of the cause against the HHS Mandate expressed in the lawsuit filed on behalf of the company,” it’s called simply Standing With Eden Foods, and it’s packed with handy … Continue reading

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Ever Wonder Why Many Are Blind to the Arbitrary and Capricious Nature of the HHS Mandate?

Perhaps it has something to do with what we occupy our minds with?

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The Oldest Natural and Organic Food Company in North America Files Suit Against the HHS Mandate, Outraging A Vocal Minority

No, it’s not Kraft Foods, or Mondelez International, or any of the other gigantic food processors you may have heard of. The firm is named Eden Foods, and it has been in business for 45 years. According to their website,

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And the Lawsuits Against the HHS Mandate Continue to be Filed…

Like this one by the the M.K. Chambers Company, a Michigan firm with 120 employees. Here is the scoop,

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Thanks to the Wee Kirk on The Hill

My family and I went to the Washington D.C. area on our vacation a few years ago. We had a blast seeing as many of the museums and memorials as we could.

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Anderson Cooper Tacks To Windward, Asks Hard Questions About the Gosnell Case

I’m not sure if you were able to see the telecast from his show last night, so I’ll embed the video here.

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