That Twilight Zone Moment When The IRS Agent Asks You For The Content Of Your Group Member’s Prayers

Hi. We’re from the IRS, and we’d like to ask you some questions.

That’s when you break out your pocket copy of the Constitution, read the agents of the Eye of Sauron the First Amendment, inform them that the interview is concluded, and walk the hell out.

Next step? Call your attorney, and your Congressional representatives constituent services offices.

Uh, you probably think I’m making this headline up, but truth is stranger than fiction. Besides, it’s all right here on C-Span.

Jon Stewart would call this your moment of Zen, but I’ll call it your Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moment of Reality. The Anchoress has a few thoughts along these lines you may want to take notice of too.

(Image Credit: T.J. Kirkpatrick for The New York Times)

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7 Responses to That Twilight Zone Moment When The IRS Agent Asks You For The Content Of Your Group Member’s Prayers

  1. Neil Leslie says:

    “Please detail the content of the members of your organization’s prayers.” That thud you just heard was my jaw hitting the floor.


  2. Katy says:

    That is a wild question.

    “Your government needs to know what you are praying for.”

    (Keep in mind that this is the ONLY government agency where false statements might have NO statute of limitations for making a false statement!)


  3. Dan Li says:

    WTF? What forseeable reason do they have to ask these questions?!


  4. Terry Fenwick says:

    This is dreadful . . .


  5. Jerry Lynch says:

    It may sound dreadful but there are groups claiming to be “religious” in order to get tax-free status for their political group, their “prayer meetings” used to hand out political statements and recruit for a particular party.
    The disgraceful Supreme Court ruling to allow Supper-pacs has created this miss over 501C3s. These superpacs claim to be a humane society looking to serve the public and then blatantly use their money to fund propaganda for their party affilaition, an abuse rampant in the Republican Party but also present in the Democratic Party. You need to look at the whole story, not just seek flash points of outrage.


  6. Jason Mankey says:

    If the prayer or the pulpit is advocating a certain political candidate this is completely legitimate. If you want to your church into a political action committee you should be prepared to be treated like a political action committee.


  7. the Old Adam says:

    Just wait until the IRS is the administrator of Obamacare.

    The quality of care you receive may just depend on how you voted last time. They do know how you are registered.


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