For Father Z’s Bad Analogies. Not.

Back on the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, I shared a little video called St. Patrick’s Bad Analogies. It’s a clever little video noting how when trying to use analogies to describe the Triune God, it’s easy to find yourself in the dire straits of ancient heresies.

Aside from St. Patrick, the main characters in the piece are a couple of dour fellows who have a pretty good time raking the patron of Ireland over the coals in his multiple failed attempts to explain the Trinity by way of analogies. At one point in their chastising frenzy, one of the characters declares, “I’m gonna stab ya in the face Patrick.” Whereupon his companion nervously says, “Ok, that was probably a bit much.”

Father Zuhlsdorf, aka Father Z, reminds me of these two characters in his latest post, wherein he declares he’s not comparing the bishops at World Youth Day  with Nazi’s, but he actually does so anyway. A scolding of the leadership that goes a bit too far.

Bad analogy, Father Z.

My blog neighbor Sam Rocha breaks down the problematic approach utilized by Father Z with ironclad reasoning, and no bile, over at his blog. It’s stainless steel reasoning, actually, so go check it out.

Meanwhile, I’m just going to revel in the love that casts out all fear, much as these 3+ million pilgrims in Rio are. And there is also 2 Samuel 6:14.

Check out the photo log of WYD put up by Buzzfeed.

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