My Lower Air Conditioning Bills Explained: HOLE IN THE SUN!!!

If this was a Star Trek episode, we’d actually think it was incumbent upon us to do something about this “gigantic coronal hole.”

While looking at his instrument panel, Spock would say,


Captain Kirk would say, “On screen.” And we’d all gape at the marvels, and horrors, of this…

Dr. McCoy would probably burst out with,

“Do something, Spock! Don’t just sit there at your station telling us this is logical!”

And if we couldn’t, folks would start evacuating from the planet, and stuff. Head off to safer systems, and such. Of course, in reality that’d be difficult for us to do, seeings how we haven’t yet found any other hospitable systems, nor have we found a way to get to them if we did.

But in our case, one thing is certain. We love a crazy headline. And in my case, I love looking at the amazing, and completely out of our control, Sun.  But y’all knew that already. And the lower air-conditioning bills aren’t half-bad either.

Idea! How ’bout a St. Francis inspired song?

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