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G.K Chesterton Appears on Breitbart? Would That Count As A Miracle?

I’d count it as a minor one, at least. Take a look at Kate O’Hare’s piece, G.K. Chesterton: Making the Case for Sainthood in Hollywood.

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I Could Listen to Seamus Heaney Reading “Beowulf” For Hours (Requiescat In Pace) UPDATES

I shared what follows last summer. I’m sharing it with you again because this morning I learned that Seamus Heany has crossed over from death into eternity. Here’s a snippet from the obituary posted by the BBC.

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USSCB Chair to Secretary of State John Kerry: Use Diplomacy, Not Air Strikes

What follows is the letter addressed to the Secretary of State in it’s entirety. Dear Secretary Kerry:

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For St. Augustine’s Thoughts On God

As quoted by Venerable Luis of Granada, OP,  in his book, The Sinner’s Guide.

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What’s On My Mind? Helping Out Syrian Refugees.

Doing so may be the only positive thing I can do these days, as the West seems bent on wreaking even more havoc than the Syrian people have already endured. So what is the situation in refugee camps that folks … Continue reading

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Darth Vader’s Thoughts On A Clever, Hungry, Beagle

  The Force is strong in this one. Take a look.

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For The Good Of The Culture, More Catholic College Professors Like This, Please.

Before I wade in too deep here, just know that I am a product of a state college, not a Catholic one. All the same, there are Catholic professors in state supported schools, and in non-Catholic private colleges as well, … Continue reading

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Because of the Disenchantment of Miley Cyrus UPDATED

The other day I lamented losing an hour to reading Joseph Bottum’s personal essay about his ideas on how the Church should handle the Same Sex Marriage situation. I would trade that experience in a heartbeat in order to get … Continue reading

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“There is a wide difference between Christians and the men of this world.”

That’s the title of the fourth homily of Macarius. I thought of his homilies after meditating a bit on today’s Gospel reading. You know, the part that goes “strive to enter through the narrow gate…“

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Joseph Bottum Writes “The Long Goodbye” UPDATES

Or is it “Farewell My Lovely?” Those are the titles that came to my mind as I read his essay today over at Commonweal. No disrespect to Raymond Chandler intended for thinking of his titles, but I will never get … Continue reading

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