Someone Send Governor Christie A Catechism. Please.

By just perusing it briefly, see, he could learn a lot of neat things. You know, like how the Church teaches that homosexuals are no more sinful than folks who are not homosexuals.

It’s nutty, but, there it is. All are called to chastity.

Governor Christie must have missed Pope Francis’s  interview given on the plane after World Youth Day.

You know who else could use a copy of these Top Secret, closely guarded, revelatory thoughts? Journalists.

That way, when the Governor misquotes Church teachings in the future, they could raise their hands and say, “Really Governor? Not according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. You are a practicing Catholic, correct sir?”

Start him off with the YOUCAT? It’s easier to understand.


Governor Christie isn’t the only one waiting to learn about the Catechism.

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3 Responses to Someone Send Governor Christie A Catechism. Please.

  1. TJPW says:

    People are born with predispositions to mass murder, suicide, and bestiality. Doesn’t make then okay.

    All politicians are snakes and wolves.


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