I Warned You About Never Knowing When Pope Francis Might Give You A Call…

“You should listen to Frank. He knows.”

But everyone ignores me.  So a young man in Italy gets the surprise of his life.

An Italian teenager who wrote to Pope Francis was shocked when the informal Argentinian pontiff phoned him for a chat.

In the latest of series of calls made by Pope Francis which embody his unstuffy style, the pontiff rang Stefano Cabizza, an IT student from Padua, for a jokey conversation after the youth wrote to him about his life and his hopes of finding a job after graduating.

Cabizza reported he was lost for words when a voice said: “This is Pope Francis.”

“I couldn’t believe it. We laughed and joked for eight minutes,” he told Italian newspaper Il Gazzettino, adding: “It was certainly the best day of my life.”

Francis started by asking Cabizza to address him using the informal Italian word ‘tu’, rather than the more formal ‘lei’.

Cabizza reported Francis reminded him Jesus and the apostles used ‘tu’. “They were friends as you and I are now and I am used to using ‘tu’ with friends,” Cabizza said Francis told him.

The student said Francis blessed him and asked him to pray for him.

Read the rest.

Where is the address to Pope Francis’s apartment again? Is it Suite 201 still?

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