Because You Never Know When Andrea Boccelli Will Show Up And Sing At Mass

“For Christmas, I want absolutely to have a mass, and for this occasion, if they ask me to sing, I sing, I’m happy about it.”

You know, to kick off the Octave of Christmas. That’s the case if you went to Mass at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Miami, yesterday.
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Pretty neat, eh? Read all about it.

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4 Responses to Because You Never Know When Andrea Boccelli Will Show Up And Sing At Mass

  1. Manny says:

    Wow!! I know a little church in Staten Island where I’d wish he could come and sing. 🙂 I saw him in concert once. Definitely worth seeing.


  2. Stacy says:

    Mass should ALWAYS be capitalized AND Catholics are NEVER referred to as “Congregants” we are PARISHIONERS. Also… Easter and Pentecost outrank Christmas in the order of importance of feast days.


  3. Feel free to write the TV station in Miami with your concerns. —Ed.


  4. Patrick Coffin says:

    And now, a little Grinch. I sigh heavily to note that Mr Bocelli openly lives with his girlfriend and out-of-wedlock child, while his wife Enrica lives with his teen sons. I love that he’s pro-life, but this is bothersome. That celeb gawking by folks while receiving Jesus Christ in holy Communion…that focus-pulling thunderous applause at the end. I reserve the right to be irked. Happy New Year!


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