“Since The Divorce Rate Is So High, Let’s Opt For 10 Year Long (Term Renewable) Marriages Instead!”

Seriously? I LOL’d. Nice try, Adriana Cohen, but you obviously have never been involved in a) contract negotiations, or b)received every businesses idea of a good time: the Request For Proposal. You know, as your current contract rounds the corner for “renewal,” and your services are put out for bid.

Enduring water boarding is a bit more civilized than enduring that.

But don’t listen to Joe Six-Pack.  Because I wasn’t interested in a marriage that only stayed valid as long as my passport did. I don’t think I’m alone in that regard, either.

In fact, a certain person of the Holy Trinity made Mrs. Cohen’s idea moot. Come to think of it, Jesus’s idea was a lot more radical than a hook-up package that dissolves in ten years (whether it needs to, or not).

After you read Mrs. Cohen’s thoughts on this weighty matter, do yourself a favor and read Jennifer Fitz’s more, how shall I put this, Catholic response.

Here, I’ll give you a taste.

Dear Adriana,

This past weekend my husband and I lay in bed together, the lights dim, the room quiet, his head against my side. And he was crying. We were in the emergency room observation ward. He’d stopped in to check on me in between getting groceries, cleaning the house, and taking care of the kids. Like most men, when there’s a task in front of him, he’s good at setting aside his emotions and doing what needs to be done. But like any decent man, he also loves his wife dearly.

He’d die for me, I’m sure of it.

Are we extraordinary? No. We’re not. We’re a man and a woman who really liked each other, and so we got married.

If we’d gotten married under your ten-year-plan, I’m sure we’d have been married ten years and called it quits.

Read it all. I’m not going to spoil it for you here.

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5 Responses to “Since The Divorce Rate Is So High, Let’s Opt For 10 Year Long (Term Renewable) Marriages Instead!”

  1. Micah Murphy says:

    You know, from a secular perspective, this would only make sense if it didn’t do any harm to the children of such marriages. Then again, there are no children in a lot of marriages these days. I suspect she’s making that assumption.


  2. tt says:

    I have seen this idea around the web a lot. One woman on a forum I read brags about how she and her husband of 17 years sit down on their anniversary and “renegotiate” their marriage which sounds like nothing more than a business contract. Posters congratulate her on the practicality and declare en masse that no relationship is meant to last for life. A young woman on the same forum recently married and declared that she and her groom did not see the commitment as permanent and don’t understand why anyone would. It is downright depressing.


  3. What is the point? How does this minimize divorce? It doesn’t solve the problem of the vast number of marriages that end. It sounds more like extended cohabitation, why commit to 10 years of cohabitation, when you could just get out after 5 years or 4 years or 2 months if you don’t sign a contract. Totally stupid.


  4. CatholicScienceGeek says:

    I do vaguely remember reading something about marriage contracts in a sci-fi book. Not surprisingly, it was set in a not-so-distant dystopian future.


  5. Joseph Dooley says:

    What problem does this solve? The main problem of the sexual revolution is that it alienated older women and younger men, who are below their peak sexual capital. 10-year marriage contracts would not solve this, as men would take younger brides on their 2nd and 3rd tries.
    The proposal is really just a recommendation for more hedonism, which the elites can afford, but the social underclasses cannot.


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