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Darren Aronofsky On The Colbert Report, And Other Catholic Film Favorites By Unlikely Directors.

As in-depth as a 7 minute interview can get. Language warning (oh, Stephen!).

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When You’re Doing Your Taxes, Don’t Wig Out When You’re Asked If You’re In A Same-Sex Marriage…

Because it will come up in the questionnaires, see? You can call it a sign of the times if you like. Most likely it’s because many states don’t recognize same-sex marriages, and income tax preparers are trying to help folks … Continue reading

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I Watched “Noah,” And Didn’t Lose My Faith

Actually, Joe Six-Pack did the unthinkable and saw two (count ’em!) movies this weekend. The first was for a date night with my wife, and the second was because of all the hullabaloo about Darren Aronofsky’s latest effort. Since you’re … Continue reading

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The Road To The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like This Road In The Himalayas…

I saw this video yesterday on Facebook, watched it, and got queasy. Then, I realized it was why I am Catholic. Got Dramamine? Roll clip.

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UK Health Minister Orders End To The Use Of Aborted Fetus Remains As Fuel For Hospital Waste To Energy Plants

What an awful headline. It’s like something that Charlton Heston was screaming in Soylent Green. It sounds like something from a classic English fairy tale meant to terrify children to bed. A pair of British hospitals this month acknowledged burning … Continue reading

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Hobby Lobby/ Conestoga Wood SCOTUS Arguments Recap & Transcript

Over at the SCOTUS Blog, Lyle Denniston called it “one hearing, two dramas.” The Supreme Court, in a one-hour, twenty-eight-minute session Tuesday, staged something like a two-act play on a revolving stage: first the liberals had their chance and Justice … Continue reading

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9 Things You Need To Know About Hobby Lobby’s Supreme Court Case…

Which we should be hearing about sometime tomorrow, when the oral arguments are delivered. Infographic courtesy of the hard working folks of The Becket Fund For Religious Liberty. Say a little prayer for a just, constitutional, result.

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9 Catholic Priest Scientists That “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey” Never Heard Of UPDATED

  The folks at RealClearScience do the heavy lifting that MacFarlane, Tyson, & Co., didn’t do. Like the belief that vaccines cause autism or that GMOs are unhealthy, the notion that science and religion are in permanent conflict is a … Continue reading

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A Funny Thing I Noticed About “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey” UPDATED

  Have you been watching the show? Perhaps I should rephrase that to, “Did you watch the second episode?” I haven’t seen much written about the second episode, so I figure only Artur Rosman and I may have actually sat … Continue reading

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As the Biblical Epics Roll Into Theaters, Remember This: Bela Lugosi Played Jesus…

No. Really. When? In 1909. Where? In a live Easter passion play, somewhere. Dangerous Minds has the details. You may now go one about your business.

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