Fr. Robert Barron Weighs Anchor On “Noah” UPDATED With Video Commentary

Come on in. There’s plenty of room inside.

From the guy who practically invented engaging the culture with a Catholic perspective (via social media), a positive review of Noah by Father Robert Barron.

What is most important is that this contemporary midrash successfully articulates the characteristically Biblical logic of the story of Noah.  First, it speaks unambiguously of God:  every major character refers to “the Creator.”  Secondly, this Creator God is not presented as a distant force, nor is he blandly identified with Nature.  Rather, he is personal, active, provident, and intimately involved in the affairs of the world that he has made.  Thirdly, human beings are portrayed as fallen with their sin producing much of the suffering in the world.  Some of the religious critics of “Noah” have sniffed out a secularist and environmentalist ideology behind this supposed demonization of humanity, but Genesis itself remains pretty down on the way human beings operate—read the stories of Cain and Abel and the Tower of Babel for the details.  And “Noah’s” portrayal of the rape of nature caused by industrialization is nowhere near as vivid as Tolkien’s portrayal of the same theme in “The Lord of the Rings.”  Fourthly, the hero of the film consistently eschews his own comfort and personal inclination and seeks to know and follow the will of God.  At the emotional climax of the movie (spoiler alert), Noah moves to kill his own granddaughters, convinced that it is God’s will that the human race be obliterated, but he relents when it becomes clear to him that God in fact wills for humanity to be renewed.  What is significant is that Noah remains utterly focused throughout, not on his own freedom, but on the desire and purpose of God.  God, creation, providence, sin, obedience, salvation:  not bad for a major Hollywood movie!

Read it all.

The upshot? It’s like I said the other day.

Be not afraid to go see Noah. I would wager that you will leave the theater satisfied.


Fr. Barron’s video commentary. Roll clip!


Go see it.

More worthwhile reviews of the film,

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2 Responses to Fr. Robert Barron Weighs Anchor On “Noah” UPDATED With Video Commentary

  1. Mike says:

    Well there you go. I trust Fr. Barron on these things. Scifi wright and matt walsh both whom i enjoy condemned it but they maybe forget that it’s a hollywood blockbuster not exegesis.


  2. Steven D. Greydanus just left a comment in John C. Wright’s combox which could be entitled, “Contra Wright.”

    It’s amicably done, but to do it correctly, SDG had to include major spoilers.


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