Geocentricism Documentary Is Swallowed By A Black Hole of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!


It turns out the film makers duped a number of folks into being “interviewed,” or otherwise associated  with  the project. Narrator Kate Mulgrew, for instance. Today she took to social media to say she was, “a voice for hire, and a misinformed one.” Hehmant Mehta, The Friendly Atheist,  has the gouge.

“I understand there has been some controversy about my participation in a documentary called THE PRINCIPLE. Let me assure everyone that I completely agree with the eminent physicist Lawrence Krauss, who was himself misrepresented in the film, and who has written a succinct rebuttal in SLATE. I am not a geocentrist, nor am I in any way a proponent of geocentrism. More importantly, I do not subscribe to anything Robert Sungenis has written regarding science and history and, had I known of his involvement, would most certainly have avoided this documentary. I was a voice for hire, and a misinformed one, at that. I apologize for any confusion that my voice on this trailer may have caused.”

—Kate Mulgrew

Krauss’s rebuttal was released earlier today, with a beautiful photograph of one of my favorite objects in the sky.


You know, the one we orbit.

The editors at Slate gave it a great title. You may have seen it.

I Have No Idea How I Ended Up in That Stupid Geocentrism Documentary

Read all about it.

Unfortunately, the film was backed by some Catholics who evidently aren’t sure how we’ve been able to successfully send probes to Mars, slingshot Voyager around the Sun, and around those other wacky moving planets, on its tour around the solar system, and stuff.

You know, our solar system, and our planet,  are pretty special. But aside from us sending spacecraft hither and yon, experiments have also shown that the Earth warps space as it orbits the sun, just like Einstein theorized it would. Why a handful of Catholics aren’t excited about that news is beyond me. It probably has the folks at the Vatican Observatory scratching their heads too.

For more information on the reason why geocentrism was put to bed long ago, head over to David Palm’s website, Geocentrism Debunked, and to Michael Flynn’s place for The Great Ptolemaic Smackdown.

This post needs a soundtrack.

That’s better.

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1 Response to Geocentricism Documentary Is Swallowed By A Black Hole of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!

  1. IRVCath says:

    From what I have seen it is animated by misdirected nostalgia for a time when the Church could command more secular power than it does now. Sungenis, I know, approaches it from a discomfort with the fact that the Pope apologized for how the Galileo affair panned out, even when nothing John Paul said conflicted with Church teaching. Of course, Sungenis has unfortunately become a loose cannon, refusing obedience to his rightful superiors.


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