Palate Cleanser: “Ziggy who? I’m just trying to get discovered.” David Bowie’s First TV Appearance…

“I’m going to be dressed as a what?!”

David Bowie performs Space Oddity, and receives an award or something.

Story time. I sang this to my kids when they were babies. I’d sing it to them while rocking them to sleep. I even sang it to them outside, in front of God and everybody. Even on the swing set. Especially on the swing set. I’d twist the swing around, wind it real tight, and let ’em rip.

I called it “astronaut training.” Yut!

I’d grab them by the feet, and zig-zag ’em back and forth with, “and here am I floating in my tin can…faaaaaaaaaar above the world.”

Good times.

I hope they never forget it. I know I won’t.

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