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To Follow The Way Of The Cross, From Death Into Life

There’s a reason that folks get angry when they learn that the reality of the Christian life leads straight to the cross. Remember that time the disciples were arguing amongst themselves about who would be the greatest? And then the … Continue reading

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Geocentricism Documentary Is Swallowed By A Black Hole of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!

  It turns out the film makers duped a number of folks into being “interviewed,” or otherwise associated  with  the project. Narrator Kate Mulgrew, for instance. Today she took to social media to say she was, “a voice for hire, … Continue reading

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Palate Cleanser: “Ziggy who? I’m just trying to get discovered.” David Bowie’s First TV Appearance…

David Bowie performs Space Oddity, and receives an award or something.

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Truly, truly, it wouldn’t be Lent without 40 days of silliness regarding The Incarnation running rampant.

Comes the esteemed history professor from UNC-Chapel Hill wondering for 38 minutes and 37 seconds about the historical Jesus,  since he never called himself God, how did he become one? The first thing you have to do? Forget all about … Continue reading

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Your Quote of the Week: Andrew Sullivan’s Words of Wisdom

Regarding the (coerced?) resignation of Mozilla CEO, Brendan Eich.

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Good News On Michael Schumacher…UPDATED

Via AP, GRENOBLE, France (AP) — Michael Schumacher is now showing “moments of consciousness and awakening,” more than three months after suffering serious head injuries in a skiing accident, the retired Formula One star’s manager said Friday. …”Michael is making … Continue reading

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Thoughts On Ridley Scott’s “Exodus: Gods and Kings” Brought On By Today’s Readings

On Thursdays, I usually lector at the parish within walking distance of my office. What with Noah in theaters now, and more biblical films to come, it shouldn’t surprise you that I thought about the Ridley Scott film on Exodus … Continue reading

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Behold! “Noah And His Floating Zoo”

It’s the version of the deluge tale that we’ve all been waiting for. Roll clip!

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Latest Bid To Keep You Away From Theaters: Gnostic “Noah” Is Tunneling Under Your House! UPDATED

Because it’s not enough just to not care for a movie. De gustibus non est disputandum, you say? You have no idea what kind of fire you are playing with, you innocents! Because Aronofsky’s “Noah” in like gnostic nitroglycerin, and, believe it … Continue reading

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Fr. Robert Barron Weighs Anchor On “Noah” UPDATED With Video Commentary

From the guy who practically invented engaging the culture with a Catholic perspective (via social media), a positive review of Noah by Father Robert Barron.

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