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EWTN Wins Relief From The 11th Circuit Court Of Appeals One Day Before The Deadline…

The White House might probably feels like their security blanket just got taken away. First there was the Hobby Lobby win, and now there’s another for EWTN. It’s been a busy day for the federal courts. The Beckett Fund shares … Continue reading

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SCOTUS Decides In Favor of Hobby Lobby UPDATES and Reaction Roundup

In a 5 to 4 decision, the Supreme Court has ruled that closely held corporations cannot be forced to provide contraception coverage, or be required to do anything else that may violate the religious beliefs of the owners, shareholders, or … Continue reading

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As A Wise Man Once Said, “Everyone Needs An Editor”

You know who should know this especially? Journalists.   And engineers who work on itegrated circuits, and such like. …diplomas given to honors students had the misspelling. Truth be told, I’m my own worst editor. Pray for me.  

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A Poem on St. John the Baptist’s Day

  Happy Birthday to St. John the Baptist! Here is a little poem I found written by John Keble in honor of this, the greatest of all men.

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Revenge Of The Disney Dads (Music for Mondays)

Facing the prospect of another day with Let It Go stuck in your keppe? Let these guys help you exorcise that.

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Praise Report: Michael Schumacher Has Regained Consciousness

Back in January I asked folks to pray for the 7 time Formula One champion’s recovery from a skiing accident. Schumacher was put in an induced coma in order to stabilize him after the accident. When his doctors tried to … Continue reading

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Because of Divine Frivolity

Times are tough all over. First we had the economic meltdown to contend with. Now we Catholics are watching our Church and our Pope get attacked by the same people who were attacking Goldman Sachs a few years ago, and Tiger … Continue reading

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Why Erasmus Stayed Catholic (A Few Thoughts For Thursday)

I have never been an apostate from the Catholic Church. I know that in this Church, which you call the Papist Church, there are many who displease me, but such I also see in your Church. One bears more easily … Continue reading

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Were The Tuam Children Denied Baptism?

That was one of the damning charges of the story that rolled out of Ireland a few weeks ago. Short answer? No. For the longer answer comes Kevin Clarke, writing over at America magazine, reporting that this was another overblown … Continue reading

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Federal Judge Denied EWTN Protection From HHS Mandate UPDATED

Statement of Michael P. Warsaw, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of EWTN Global Catholic Network, in response to today’s decision by Judge Callie V.S. Granade of Mobile, Ala. denying EWTN protection from the government mandate that it … Continue reading

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