My Favorite Tracks From Sam Rocha’s Album, “Late To Love”


Long time readers of YIMCatholic know that I’ve got a thing for music. Once was, I ran posts to start the week off every Monday with selections of whatever turned my fancy. Rock & roll; classical; Jesus going mainstream; you name it.  I even built a Pandora station, or four.

The thing is? I have no idea why I like the music I do. But when I do like it, I tend to share it with you in posts either dedicated to music, or sometimes I just slip a track in on you unawares. You just never know where I might add a tune. Saavy?

My blog neighbor Sam Rocha is a talented musician. What? You’ve never heard of him? Help me change that, because he’s put together an album entitled Late To Love and you should buy it. It’s available for preorder now from the good folks over at Wiseblood Records, see?

Below are three of the tracks that I enjoyed most out of the eleven original pieces that Rocha & Co. recorded on this debut LP effort. Truth be told, it was hard for me to choose only three.

Have a listen to these, and you’ll understand why you’re going to want the entire album.

Eulogy For Monica

Alien House

Show Me

Sample all of the tracks over at Wiseblood’s Soundcloud channel, and learn more about the album and artist. Preorder the CD for $12 here for a discount from what it will cost you on iTunes, Google Play, Rhapsody, etc., when it goes live on August 28th.

Buy it before it reaches bubble territory prices!

Wiseblood records

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