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I’ve Been On Retreat, Climbing A Mountain With An Elevation Of 6,500 RPM…

You probably think I’m off my rocker, but given how unsatisfying this month was shaping up to be, it was time for a break. A break from blogging, hand wringing, and all the other bad stuff happening in the world … Continue reading

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My Thoughts On The Appointment Of Bishop Cupich To Chicago…

Joe Six-Pack will be brief.

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Because Joseph of Cupertino Could Fly

—Feast of St. Joseph of Cupertino A few years ago, the world was held in thrall by Stephen Hawking’s declaration that there is no need for a Creator for the universe to have been formed. The giant had spoken, succinctly, … Continue reading

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Mother Church Is Looking For A Few Good Men…

Support Vocation Boom to help in the Churches recruiting effort. Roll clip, Lucky folks who donate between now and 9/19 (and who have PC’s) will receive The Faith Database as a reward for contributing to the cause. For every dollar they … Continue reading

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Leah Libresco Casually Dates The Disney Princes… (Friday Funnies)

My blog neighbor Leah loves musicals. Leah writes a lot about some strange phenomenon she calls casual dating. Joe Six-Pack has no idea what that even is.

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What Jesus Does With Sin, In Less Than 45 Seconds…

  Posted by the folks of My Catholic Faith on there Facebook page, here’s a quick video worth sharing. How’d they do that? The secret ingredients are listed here. How does Christ do that? See John 3:17.

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Joe Six-Pack’s Succinct Thoughts On ISIS, Archbishop Sheen, The Whirlwind At The Archdiocese of Pravda, And MOAR

It’s been a weird month so far in the internet version of Catholiclandia and we’re only up to day 6. You may have noticed that I haven’t posted a cotton-picking thing since the month began. I assure you, my lack … Continue reading

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