Everything You Need To Know About The Extraordinary Synod Process In 5 Minutes…

Forget the bloviating. Avoid the hyperventilating. Sidestep the handwringing.

That is Joe Six-Pack’s plan for surviving the synods the bishops are holding on the pastoral challenges of the family.

So what is happening and how does it work? Roll clip.


What to concern myself with instead? Well, my bishop is a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan,

Bishop Rick Stika at the bat.

Bishop Rick Stika at the bat.

and I’m a Los Angeles Dodger fan, so I have my priorities.

And tonight is Game 3 of the NLDS. Here is how game 2 ended,

Can you say, “countervailing prayers?” That’s what we are engaged in currently. The series is tied 1-1.

Results of said prayers? TBD.

If you really want to follow what is happening at the synod, stick with the Vatican.  There is also an app, if you’d like.

Accept no substitutes.

Don't forget this!

Don’t forget this!

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