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Pope Francis Says “Don’t Treat The Church Like A Business.” This Means It Has To Be Run Better Than A Business

  Whoa, Frank. Are you putting words in Pope Francis’s mouth? No, dear reader. I’m just telling it like it is. You know how some folks can wax eloquent about truth, goodness, and beauty, and how the Church should make better … Continue reading

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The Thanksgiving Holiday Isn’t Catholic, But It’s Looking Like William Shakespeare Was

So be thankful for that! Guess what else? There is a Jesuit angle that may unlock the mystery of genius’s religious background. Writing for the Washington Post, Terence McCoy shares what was found when a First Folio of the Bard’s … Continue reading

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Oftentimes, The Best Blog Post Is The One With The Fewest Words…

Grasshopper recommends Counsels of Light and Love of St. John of the Cross for more thoughts like the one above.

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Latest News From The Church Of God Without God…UPDATED

Actually, depending how you look at it, this news is either four years old, or ever new. Over at the Atheist Channel, Rational Doubt runs an op-ed of a Rabbi of Humanistic Judaism (?) whose thoughts run to the idea … Continue reading

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The Shelby GT 350 Returns…UPDATED

It’s baaack. And it’s badder than ever. Roll clip,

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Mark Your Calendars, “The Librarians” Are Coming To The Small Screen

  Book lovers, archivists, and Information Science lovers…UNITE! Roll clip,

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The Worst Performing Tire I’ve Ever Driven In The Wet? It’s This One…UPDATED

  Long time readers know that I’m a bit of a gearhead. I like cars, you see. Fast cars, especially. I like just about everything about them. Engine types, transmissions, gear ratios, suspensions, power adders, you name it.

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10 Spots Open On A Pilgrimage Trip To The Holy Land…

  If you would like to go, and you are free the first two weeks of December, then you might want to hop on this opportunity. My wife and I are taking the trip, so be warned. An Archbishop is … Continue reading

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A Few Thoughts On Veteran’s Day

  It’s the feast of St. Martin of Tours, and since he was a soldier of some renown it is fitting that his feast coincides with what we celebrate as Veteran’s Day. I have an affinity for soldiers. At Mass … Continue reading

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The 6th Circuit Court’s Wise Decision On Same-Sex Marriage

Just the other day I was joking on Facebook that I welcome our new judicial overlords. I said it jokingly because it seems like many courts have made decisions based on half-baked ideas lately. But today, the 6th Circuit of … Continue reading

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