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Because Of The Sacraments (A Few Words for Wednesday)

I just ran across these thoughts by Reverend Jesse Brett over at my favorite electronic library. Oftentimes on Wednesdays  I like to feature a poem. But after reading these few paragraphs on the Sacraments, I realized that I should share … Continue reading

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The Prodigal Son, The Guru, And The Long, Strange, Trip To Truth…

Webster Bull, my friend, and former blogging partner, has written a memoir about the long, strange, trip that brought him into the Catholic Church. Jesus knows his sheep, even if we have no idea how to respond to His call. … Continue reading

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To Become Fully Human (A Work In Progress)

  A few thoughts as we endure a day of penance in remembrance of the lives of the unborn sacrificed on the altar of convenience. Thoughts that inevitably revolve around commemorating Jesus’s triumph over death, and His becoming what we … Continue reading

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Songs About Jesus That I’ve Never Heard (Music for Mondays)

  Self-reflective question o’ the day: How much music have I never heard? Answer: A number that is very large, and pretty close to being represented by this symbol:  ∞. So I’m probably in the same boat as you are, … Continue reading

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Rudy + Moonlight Graham = Reggie Ho, The Little Catholic Kicker Who Could

It’s a big football weekend coming up, what with the Conference Championships meeting up on the gridiron this Sunday. We’ll find out if it will be the Seahawks vs. the Patriots, or the Packers vs. the Colts (or the Packers … Continue reading

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Pope Francis Is Talking During Plane Flights Again (And You Know What That Means)

It means some folks will be writing their own encyclicals around his words. Shock! Remember a few days ago when Pope Francis steered clear of all kinds of controversy by discussing breast feeding in public? I can think of a … Continue reading

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Because Thomas Merton Gave Lectures Like This On Love

Of the theological virtues Faith, Hope, and Love, St. Paul writes that the greatest of these is Love. Our Lord also said so when He was being questioned by the scholar of the law and gave us the Two Greatest … Continue reading

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Because “And You Shall Name Him יהושע”

Remember chanting the antiphon “O Adonai”  a few weeks ago?  We translate Adonai as LORD, which is substituted for YHWH, the unpronounceable name of God. Well in the case of Our Lord Jesus, there is more, much more, than I ever knew … Continue reading

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