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For The Unshakeable Faith Of The Families Of The Egyptian Martyrs

Having a look at the photo gallery of National Geographic’s article, Portraits Capture Unexpected Reactions to ISIS Beheadings, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the words Jesus said to the eleven at the Last Supper, right before he began … Continue reading

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If The World Is Trying To Distract You, Then It’s Probably Holy Week

Oh, look at the calendar! It IS Holy Week. So right when you’d really like to settle your gaze on Jesus, meditate over the mystery of the Incarnation, sing praises that your sins have been forgiven, and that death has … Continue reading

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Because Christ Came to Occupy, and Reclaim, the World

There was a brutal bear market in the Spring of the year 33 AD. Not in wheat or lamb futures, nor in cloth, or precious metals. This was a bear market of the human soul, and it was experienced acutely … Continue reading

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Did Pope Francis Post A Turkey To A Bishopric In Chile? UPDATED

It’s looking like it, if you asked me. But nobody asked me, nor would they ever. One thing is for sure, and that is that lots of local folks were unhappy with the appointment, and the installation, of Bishop Juan … Continue reading

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In Nazareth, This Is Where The Annunciation Took Place…

I was blessed to visit where the Annunciation took place. I figured that I should share some of the photographs of the grotto, and cave-like home, of the Theotokos on this day on which we celebrate this Solemnity. Over this … Continue reading

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MUST SEE TV: 60 Minutes Segment On Iraqi Christians Persecuted By ISIS

It’s 13 minutes and 23 seconds worth of pathos. Lara Logan has the story,

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Big News Of The Day: Cardinal O’Brien Resigns His Office

Now here’s something you don’t see everyday. Cardinal O’Brien joins an elite circle of folks founded when Cesare Borgia was the first person to ever resign from the cardinalate (17 August, 1498). The Catholic Herald has the story.

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Because Joseph Was Really, Really, צדיק

  צדיק is the Hebrew word for “righteous,” and it is an adjective that the Gospel of Matthew uses  to describe the foster father of Jesus (though he used the Greek word, δίκαιος). But it means righteous on the level of … Continue reading

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BREAKING: The Cathedral Of St. Maytag Is Stuck On Rinse Cycle UPDATED

Finally. We have a scandal that we can literally call “Watergate” without blinking an eye. Except it appears to be over about that quickly. What? You missed the news that the Cathedral in San Francisco installed exterior sprinklers for the … Continue reading

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G.K. Chesterton Splashes Into The Pages Of “The Atlantic”

  Remember that time when Chesterton showed up in Breitbart? This is even better than that.  Even the subtitle of the piece says, “this author loves Chesterton.” The case for canonizing G. K. Chesterton, the bombastic man of letters and … Continue reading

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