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Talking On The Radio About My Conversion, With Mark Shea

Be warned, devoted follower of YIMCatholic. It’s time for a pop quiz. Here is the question, In the following episode of Radio Maria’s Catholic And Enjoying It radio show, there will be absolutely no, A) Laughing. B) Fun allowed C) … Continue reading

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Because the Anti-Christ is Politics

I’ve been reading Giovanni Papini’s Life of Christ some more. My Chinese mentor, John C.H. Wu, introduced this book, and author, to me. You’ve probably never heard of Papini (I sure hadn’t!) but he was a well known author back … Continue reading

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SIGN THE PETITION: Save Religious Minorities Persecuted By ISIS

Are 100,000 Americans willing to say we should be doing more to save the religious minorities from the death dealers of ISIS? I think the answer to that question is Yes. I mean considering that the population of the United … Continue reading

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