Steven D. Greydanus Recommends “The Miracle Maker,” And I Found A Place Where It’s Streaming…



I don’t always agree with the reviews that SDG gives, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t usually agree with his picks. I was glad to see him recommend “The Miracle Maker,” which is a film I’ve been meaning to see for awhile now. Here’s a snippet of what he says about it,

“The Miracle Maker” is a singular achievement: a Jesus movie that is simple enough for children, sophisticated enough for scripture scholars and theologians, and artful enough for discerning cinephiles.

Neither a Sunday School lesson nor a revisionist reinvention, “The Miracle Maker” weaves a reverent yet fresh reading of the Gospel materials into an emotionally persuasive narrative capable of satisfying both devout believers and open-minded non-Christians. I have watched it with my family every year around Holy Week and Easter for possibly 15 years, and my appreciation has only grown over the years.

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The thing is, it’s out of print, the Blu-Ray copies are going for $80 via resellers, the public library doesn’t have it in their collection, and I want to watch it right now.

Does Netflix have it? Nope.

How about Amazon Instant? Nope.

Joe Six-Pack kept at it, though, and found someone that did host it.  So, go pop some popcorn, and grab your favorite beverage, and enjoy what may be one of the top ten Jesus films of all time. 

If you’d prefer, you can grab the link directly from Enjoy!

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