The Charlie Charlie Phenomenon: Were We Played For Fools By Hollywood?

From outta nowhere, and back.

From outta nowhere, and back.


Probably. So reports Jennifer Mullins of E! Online,

Ooo, you got us, Hollywood. You got us good. But you will rue the day you pulled a fast one over us. You hear us? You will rue. The. DAY. Because we might not have been smart enough to realize that an Internet fad that came out of nowhere was probably due to a marketing ploy cooked up by a movies studio, but we certainly still have our pride.

Meh, whatever.

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Not that I would put much credence behind anything published by the entertainment news media. See, I reckon it was better to be safe than sorry, so I’m glad many of my colleagues here on the Catholic Channel warned folks away from this when it suddenly appeared.

Still, the Hollywood beat reporters probably do know the truth about this little fad. I’m happy to see it go away just as quickly as it arrived. This way, see, we can concentrate on the Caitlyn Caitlyn Controversy.

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