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Why I Remain Catholic? Is This A Trick Question?

For a regular guy, with a blog called Why I Am Catholic, I honestly can’t think of one, single, reason. I mean aside from the obvious one. So how about Because?  No, really. In fact, I reckon I have 445+ posts … Continue reading

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Dumb Things Americans Do At Home, Drives Recruitment Of Extremists Abroad

Here is an excerpt of the dumb thing I’m referring to in particular, A United States federal judge has ordered New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to display on its buses a controversial ad that refers to Muslims killing Jews, … Continue reading

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If A Pilgrimage To The Holy Land Is “The Fifth Gospel,” Then Guess What?

You need to read both sides of the book, saavy? Look at the map above. See how the Jordan River runs through the middle of the geography? The Jordan is like the spine of the book. The spine of the … Continue reading

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On The HHS Mandate, The State Can’t Win For Losing…

Here’s your quote of the week, How many times must the government lose in court before it gets the message? For years now the government has been claiming that places like Catholic Charities and the Little Sisters of the Poor … Continue reading

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Indiana Bishops Release Statement On Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Six days after Governor Pence signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act heard ’round the world into law, the bishops of Indianapolis respond with a statement. Would you believe on April Fools’ Day?

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What Jesus Does With Sin, In Less Than 45 Seconds…

  Posted by the folks of My Catholic Faith on there Facebook page, here’s a quick video worth sharing. How’d they do that? The secret ingredients are listed here. How does Christ do that? See John 3:17.

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My Favorite Tracks From Sam Rocha’s Album, “Late To Love”

Long time readers of YIMCatholic know that I’ve got a thing for music. Once was, I ran posts to start the week off every Monday with selections of whatever turned my fancy. Rock & roll; classical; Jesus going mainstream; you name … Continue reading

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Because of the Note Sewn In Blaise Pascal’s Coat

My buddy Blaise Pascal is a lot like me. That is, excepting the obvious fact that he was a mathematical genius, inventor of a calculator etc., and though I enjoy mathematics, I am a mere admirer of genius in this … Continue reading

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It’s a chicken and egg thing, see? It’s as clear as day…

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“Nearly 60,000 students, alumni, and faculty members signed a petition against the services on campus…”

That is according to a statement released by Aurora Griffin, Catholic, Rhodes Scholar, Harvard student. Three cheers for these folks! The Boston Globe has more on the cancellation.

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