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Good News On The HHS Mandate Front From The Pennsylvania Sector…

A preliminary injunction from the HHS Mandate has been granted to the Dioceses of Erie, and Pittsburgh in the Keystone State. This out of GoErie.com,

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Nobody Is Signing Up For Obamacare? Even With Edgy And Cool Ads Like This One? UPDATED

Reuters reported yesterday that practically no one has signed up for Obamacare so far. Of course, most folks couldn’t even log on to the website run by the Feds. But let’s limit the sample size to the states that run … Continue reading

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The Latest Victim Of The “I Don’t Know” Administration: Kathleen Sebelius

Kathleen Sibelius joins a long line of folks  in this Administration infected with idontknowitus.  What doesn’t she know? Would you believe abortion coverage under the Affordable Care Act? LifeNews shares the latest victim of this dreaded disease.

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Crashing the Obamacare Servers Is Easy As Pie. Here’s Why…

Load testing? We don’t need no stinking “load testing!” Tom McDonald has the skinny. Prepare to be amazed. Somebody should have read ITIL For Dummies. Or this,

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Billy Graham Ministries Audited by the IRS After Supporting Marriage Amendment in North Carolina

As the hours click off the clock, more and more folks are coming out of their caves to complain about how their recent IRS audits are a little too well timed to be just coincidental. Today, Franklin Graham, son of … Continue reading

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The National Organization for Marriage Made the IRS “Enemies List?” Do Tell.

Remember how during the Presidential campaign word got out the Mitt Romney had made a donation to the National Organization for Marriage? The Internal Revenue Service may have been the conduit of that information.

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190 Million More Reasons Why the HHS Mandate is Bushwah

I mean in addition to the first reason (that it’s unconstitutional). It’s simple, as District Judge John L. Kane noted when he handed down an injunction the other day which thwarted the governments’ case (bold emphasis is mine),

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What Don’t You Know About the ACA? The Quiz Results Say “Lots” UPDATED

There’s lots that I don’t know too. Before you go getting all riled up, I’m not an apologist for the ACA. But I am an apologist for not going off half-cocked.

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The Bishops Remind Us, the ACA Needs Repairs, Not Repeal UPDATED

The Catholic Church is not against the Affordable Care Act, which the Supreme Court just upheld today in a landmark decision that found it constitutional. The Bishops, via the USCCB,  seek for the ACA to be “repaired,” not “scrapped.” Following … Continue reading

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How the Affordable Care Act’s Constitutionality Affects the HHS Mandate

The Beckett Fund has a handy graphic. H/T Women Speak for Themselves. It’s sort of like a shell game, with three walnut shells and a pea.

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