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Just Bake The Cake! Just Deliver The Beer! What’s The Crucial Difference?

You tell me, citizen. See, a friend of mine posted a story up on his Facebook wall. Something about a trucking company getting sued by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The firm was having trouble getting a few employees … Continue reading

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3 Weird Things I’m Doing On Top Of My (Secret) Lenten Penance This Year

It’s the Lenten season, and each of us will make a personal sacrifice of some sort. I’m not divulging what I am seriously sacrificing this time around. Maybe I’ll disclose it later, perhaps even years from now if I’m still … Continue reading

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So My Wife Told Me About A Beer Sale I Might Be Interested In…

Over at Cost Plus World Market. And she was right. In fact, I even got a cart, see?

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Behold! The First Trappist Abbey Ale Brewed In America

A friend of mine sent me the good news. After years in planning, the USA finally has a Trappist beer. It’s official.

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Another Reason To Thank Catholic Monks: Great Beer!

  I’m not saying they invented beer. But the beers we enjoy today are a lot better because of the work they did to support themselves, and evangelize. Evangelize?

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One Question to Pope Francis Went Unasked, and Unanswered.

Sigh. Maybe next time. Now that you’re here, you might be interested in Fr. James Martin’s take on Pope Francis’s interview. 

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Remember the Parable of the Barren Fig Tree? True Story.

Our fig tree has a bumper crop in  store for us this year. The first fruits of the harvest are in and they are very tasty. It’s time to buy some prosciutto and blue cheese, make more jam, etc. While … Continue reading

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Now That We Can Cut A Record On A Beer Bottle…

we need to fully fund our deep exploration space programs again. Here’s why.

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The New Pope Will Be Selected When the Conclave Runs Out of Beer

Black smoke means “No Pope (we still have beer).” White smoke means, “We’re outta beer! Habemus Papem!” Okay, that’s stretching things a bit. However, the cardinals have been blessed with a supply of good beer during the conclave, courtesy of … Continue reading

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Making the Connection Between the Pill and Water Pollution

So what does a playwright, TV writer, and author know about water pollution and heightened levels of estrogen in our drinking water? I’m glad you asked. Way back in 2009 (practically the Stone Age), Susan Kim opined on her Huffington … Continue reading

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