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“Business Insider” On The Kindara App, And How It Can Help You Kick “The Pill”

Joe Six-Pack, here. I know how it’s all the rage to root for the artificial birth control team these days, what with the HHS Mandate promising folks “freedom” from having babies at no cost. You know, treating pregnancy like it … Continue reading

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Video: The Economics Of Sex, Sex, Sex, And More Sex

Got ten minutes? That’s all it will take for the Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture to help us make sense of dating, mating, and baby making. Even the folks at Freakonomics found this worthwhile to share. Special guest … Continue reading

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Your Blogger is on the Wrong Side of Public Opinion, Just Like G.K. Chesterton

Just an F.Y.I. Good news, though. The Church is on the right side of history. She always has been, and always will be. Of course, that is because the Church is like Noah’s Ark, and therefore constructed to ensure our … Continue reading

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Making the Connection Between the Pill and Water Pollution

So what does a playwright, TV writer, and author know about water pollution and heightened levels of estrogen in our drinking water? I’m glad you asked. Way back in 2009 (practically the Stone Age), Susan Kim opined on her Huffington … Continue reading

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