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The Right Way To Interrogate Enemy Prisoners Of War, Courtesy Of A Marine Who Was A Missionary UPDATED

This is the last time I’ll be posting about this subject. Yesterday I shared a few thoughts about the torture report released recently, and today I’ll simply point to a few resources that bolster the argument that resorting to torture … Continue reading

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Because Of The Holy See’s Diplomatic Corps

It’s been a long time since I titled a post with that starts with the word “because.” But given what is happening on the world stage these days, especially across that swath of territory in the Middle East, where an … Continue reading

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So You Want To Cause A Ruckus, And Pray For “Marriage Equality” In The Cathedral? Bishop Paprocki Has A Message For You…

Think again. And if you’re a Catholic who happens to belong to the Rainbow Sash Movement? Roll tape,

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Democratic Congressman Becomes Bump In The Road In Administration’s Mad Rush To War

And I’m hoping and praying that the bump becomes a hump the size of Mount Everest.  Here’s a snippet from an interview between The Atlantic’s Molly Ball  and Congressman Alan Grayson, D-Florida. There was some thought that John Boehner and Eric … Continue reading

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Because I’m a Contrarian

A while back, I mentioned that I am a contrarian. That fact, explained here in a post originally published May 14, 2010, is one of the reasons why I am Catholic. My wife can tell you that I am wired … Continue reading

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Eden Foods and the Impossibility of Compartmentalizing the Catholic Faith

It was G.K. Chesterton who noted that “The Catholic Church is the only thing which saves a man from the degrading slavery of being a child of his age.” I would argue that the main reason why this is true … Continue reading

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Capital vs. Labor and the Ruling Class vs. the Rest of Us = the Same Thing

Folks are starting to take notice of this development. Catholic social teaching has always noticed it, especially since the time St. Thomas Aquinas was writing his summas.  And the Church has been outspoken about just wages and the dignity of … Continue reading

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Rebecca Hagelin “Gets It” on Religious Liberty…As Does A Rock Band

She’s spot-on the phony “War on Women” too. Here’s what she said a few weeks back in an article from the Washington Times shortly after the stealth lawsuits were launched, The controversy swirling around the mandate from the Department of Health … Continue reading

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