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Pope Francis Identifies The Elephant In The Room: Confusing Ideology With The Faith

A month or so ago, I noted that Pope Francis and I agree about politics. You should be involved. But I also agree with what he said in his homily today. Advertisements

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Unpacking Pope Francis’s Interview (Part III, the Conclusion)

Thus the Holy Spirit can use the humblest to enlighten the learned and those in the highest positions. That was the last line from the Catechism that I shared yesterday. It probably got lost in the shuffle so it’s worth … Continue reading

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Because of the Disenchantment of Miley Cyrus UPDATED

The other day I lamented losing an hour to reading Joseph Bottum’s personal essay about his ideas on how the Church should handle the Same Sex Marriage situation. I would trade that experience in a heartbeat in order to get … Continue reading

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Joseph Bottum Writes “The Long Goodbye” UPDATES

Or is it “Farewell My Lovely?” Those are the titles that came to my mind as I read his essay today over at Commonweal. No disrespect to Raymond Chandler intended for thinking of his titles, but I will never get … Continue reading

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Salman Rushdie on the “Culture of Offendedness,” and Thoughts of Other Authors Whose Names Start With “S”

From The Independent, with a dateline out of Edinburgh, the noted author observes that we’re all too offended nowadays. What? You hadn’t noticed?

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Clothing the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Flag? Great Moments in ‘Murika!

So there I was, minding my own business, getting ready for a day off tomorrow to celebrate the birth of our nation. And then I saw this… I’m all for love of God, and love of country, but make the … Continue reading

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Beware People Bearing Cameras and Microphones Asking Your Opinion About “Our New Pope”

You know, when there isn’t one. You may become a pawn of Jimmy Kimmel Live, like these eager folks.

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The Media Conclave Has Begun With the Hope for a Nun

E.J. Dionne holds forth on who the best man for the job of Pope will be, and why.  In giving up the papacy, Pope Benedict XVI was brave and bold. He did the unexpected for the good of the Catholic Church. … Continue reading

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Papa Tells a Story: “The Council As I Saw It” and Beware the Hermeneutic of Politics

At five times longer than your average blog post, the article from Vatican Radio published yesterday is well worth the read. I was going to blow it off though, even before I realized how long it was. That is, until … Continue reading

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PETA Outraged at Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Attire

Just when you thought you were safe from hearing anymore about the Super Bowl Halftime Show starring Beyoncé, it turns out you aren’t.

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