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St. John of the Cross On What Ails The Catholic Blog-O-Sphere

Last week was a pretty embarrassing one in the parish of St. Blogs. It was enough to make me consider if continuing to blog was a worthwhile use of my time. There are other things to do, you know. I … Continue reading

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A Blogger Responds: We Were Not “Outmarketed” on Gay Marriage, We Were “Outevangelized”

Gerard Nadal doesn’t pull any punches with his response to an interview given by Cardinal Timothy Dolan on Fox News recently. Take a look. Fox News reports that Cardinal Dolan, in an interview with David Gregory of Meet the Press, … Continue reading

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Get Your Pope Francis Awesome Sauce Right Here…

Straight from the source. No filters. No handlers. Evangelii Gaudium, Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Francis, 2013 Read it, and leap!

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Another Reason To Thank Catholic Monks: Great Beer!

  I’m not saying they invented beer. But the beers we enjoy today are a lot better because of the work they did to support themselves, and evangelize. Evangelize?

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St. Francis, Poverty, and the Saving Madness of the Gospel…

Months and months ago, long before there was an inkling that Pope Benedict XVI would step aside, I came across this little book, titled simply I, Francis, in a used book store in my town. As I recall, it was … Continue reading

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Go Buy the Book I Helped Write, And Help a School!

So today is the official launch of the e-book I mentioned that I was contributing to a fortnight ago. Go buy it now!

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