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Want To Hear Christian Joy? Listen To The Singing In Kirkuk Cathedral…

The little video below comes via Natalia Trouiller’s Facebook page. She is accompanying the delegation of French bishops that is visiting Iraq right now. Here are the people we are praying and fasting for tomorrow. Roll clip!

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Napoleon Bonaparte: The Portrait of The Unintentional Disciple As A Young Man

There is much talk these days about discipleship among the flock. Moving beyond the individual call to holiness, questions surround the call of the faithful on how to live the vocation of being a disciple of Christ. When Jesus ascended … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart Explains Why I Rarely Watch The News On Television

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Hundreds of Thousands Protest In France over Same-Sex Marriage Proposals UPDATED

  Andrew Cusack has the best coverage I’ve seen on this protest. France Marches for Marriage Led by a provocative comedian, a gay atheist, and a socialist teacher, protest against same-sex marriage draws one million

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For Stuff Non-Catholics Say About the Church Like This

No, this isn’t  a photograph of Karl Marx. That’s Walter Bagehot, former editor of the Economist and a fellow who could write his fanny off. I stumbled upon what follows while tracking down a quote attributed to Blaise Pascal. I’ve … Continue reading

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Because Napoleon Died a Catholic Death

A few weeks back, my family and I hit the used book sale that is held annually to benefit our local public library. Going to this sale has been an annual event for us, ever since we moved to Tennessee … Continue reading

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