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Pope Francis Demonstrates The Proper Way To Return A Salute

There is so much that heads of state can learn from this Head of State. Advertisements

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Leah Libresco Casually Dates The Disney Princes… (Friday Funnies)

My blog neighbor Leah loves musicals. Leah writes a lot about some strange phenomenon she calls casual dating. Joe Six-Pack has no idea what that even is.

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Lt. Col Kilgore Has A Message For “Catholic Memes”

Here’s to hoping it’s soon, Colonel.

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How Mark Shea Gets Back And Forth To His Hidden Island Redoubt…

Simplicity itself. He takes his Honda. Roll clip,

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As A Wise Man Once Said, “Everyone Needs An Editor”

You know who should know this especially? Journalists.   And engineers who work on itegrated circuits, and such like. …diplomas given to honors students had the misspelling. Truth be told, I’m my own worst editor. Pray for me.  

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Revenge Of The Disney Dads (Music for Mondays)

Facing the prospect of another day with Let It Go stuck in your keppe? Let these guys help you exorcise that.

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Because of Divine Frivolity

Times are tough all over. First we had the economic meltdown to contend with. Now we Catholics are watching our Church and our Pope get attacked by the same people who were attacking Goldman Sachs a few years ago, and Tiger … Continue reading

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Miraculous Proof That God Loves Mustangs More Than Camaros…

See what God did there? Toldja! Sing it, Wilson.

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Stuff The Disciples Couldn’t Bear To Hear…

As it was in the days of Apple, so it will be in the days of the Son of Man; they were eating and drinking, Facebooking and making videos on their smartphones up to the day that the stars will … Continue reading

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On the Harvard Black Mass Misadventure, An Irony Alert! UPDATED

“Harvard President Drew Faust did not return the Register’s request for comment.” Hmmm. Faust. Where have I heard that name before? Faust?! FAUST!!! Sing it, Alanis.

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