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Thoughts About The Minor Miracle That Occurred At Harvard University Yesterday

Consider this post a wee after action report by your favorite strategic corporal,  Joe Six-Pack, USMC. You may be thinking, “Where do you get off declaring what happened at Harvard as being a miracle, Frank?” I’ll tell you where. Because nobody … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Harvard’s Black Mass to Be Held Off Campus CANCELLED

  And Now: Satanic black mass ‘postponed indefinitely’ amid outcry. Earlier, Perhaps our prayers are already having an effect. This just in from The Harvard Crimson, The Harvard Extension School Cultural Studies Club said it will relocate its reenactment of … Continue reading

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Attention To Orders! Prayer And Fasting Tonight To Thwart The Black Mass Being Held At Harvard

Catholic Advocate sends, An official group at Harvard will hold a Satanic “Black Mass” tonight where they will mock the Catholic Church. The Archdiocese of Boston will hold a Eucharistic Hour of prayer in response. Let us join our voices … Continue reading

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On the Harvard Black Mass Misadventure, An Irony Alert! UPDATED

“Harvard President Drew Faust did not return the Register’s request for comment.” Hmmm. Faust. Where have I heard that name before? Faust?! FAUST!!! Sing it, Alanis.

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Since When Did Satan Become Such A Square?

That’s the thought that occurred to me when I was reading the Satanic Temple’s mission statement. You know, the folks behind the statue of a figure (that might be Baphomet) they want to install at the state capitol in Oklahoma, … Continue reading

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