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Archbishop Chaput: “The HHS Mandate Can Only Be Understood As A Form Of Coercion.”

Just in time for the long Memorial Day weekend, Archbishop Chaput’s weekly column notes the IRS scandals, the HHS Mandate, and what it all means for Catholics and religious liberty. Religious Freedom And the Need To Wake Up By Archbishop … Continue reading

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That Twilight Zone Moment When The IRS Agent Asks You For The Content Of Your Group Member’s Prayers

That’s when you break out your pocket copy of the Constitution, read the agents of the Eye of Sauron the First Amendment, inform them that the interview is concluded, and walk the hell out. Next step? Call your attorney, and … Continue reading

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What Does the Benghazi Scandal Have To Do With Religious Liberty?

Or the IRS and AP scandals? Well, just like the claims that people of conscience make against the HHS Mandate, all of these scandals revolve around the suppression of the First Amendment rights that Americans hold sacrosanct.

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Billy Graham Ministries Audited by the IRS After Supporting Marriage Amendment in North Carolina

As the hours click off the clock, more and more folks are coming out of their caves to complain about how their recent IRS audits are a little too well timed to be just coincidental. Today, Franklin Graham, son of … Continue reading

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This Just In! IRS Seeking Agency Name Change…UPDATED

The IRS, seeking to shed its image as a benign, and somewhat boring, revenue collection agency of the US Government, has asked the President to allow the agency to be more suitably named.

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The National Organization for Marriage Made the IRS “Enemies List?” Do Tell.

Remember how during the Presidential campaign word got out the Mitt Romney had made a donation to the National Organization for Marriage? The Internal Revenue Service may have been the conduit of that information.

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