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Jon Stewart Explains Why I Rarely Watch The News On Television

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Jon Stewart On The Origins of the Diplomatic Solution to the Syrian Crisis

Language alert, but worth it. Especially Stewart’s masterful delivery of a “syllabus of errors” leveled at Fox News between the 3:44 and 4:00 marks. Roll clip,

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Why Does Fox News Hate the U.S. Constitution?

This would be one of those rare times when I thank God for lawyers. Because if the whiz kids at Fox News is where “conservatives” are getting their fix of “right thinking,” then they are doing it from the wrong … Continue reading

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The Trillion Dollar Coin Question: Jon Stewart Plays “Everyman” to Paul Krugman’s “Voodoo Economist”

It’s time for the next crisis that I refuse to get up in arms about. I won’t be getting any ulcers about the national debt. Obama refuses to negotiate debt ceiling raise, and I’m all like, “So? I refuse to freak … Continue reading

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The Two Most Important Pundits Weigh In On “My Wife…” UPDATED

No, I don’t mean any of the talking heads over at News Corp., The Big Three, or any of the Sunday Morning shows. No siree. Cut to the chase and get straight to the facts, with a little fun to … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart Muses About What Happens…

when a wannabe “Dark Lord” runs for President.  I dare you not to smile. *Disclaimer! Please remove all liquids from the vicinity of your electronic devices before viewing the following. Roll clip,

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