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Here Is What A Near Occasion Of Sin Looks Like…

Here is an example illustrated with a photograph from Joe Six-Pack’s Gearhead Catechism™. The late Fr. John Hardon, SJ, explains it well in his Modern Catholic Dictionary,

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Got Five Minutes? Learn Some Catholic History

Good news, dear reader. McNamara’s Blog has fired up again. My learned friend, Pat McNamara has also come up with a great idea on taking Catholic history out of the ivory tower, and bringing it down to where it belongs, … Continue reading

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“There is a wide difference between Christians and the men of this world.”

That’s the title of the fourth homily of Macarius. I thought of his homilies after meditating a bit on today’s Gospel reading. You know, the part that goes “strive to enter through the narrow gate…“

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For Novels Like Shusaku Endo’s, “The Samurai” UPDATED

First things first, I’ve never read Silence by Shusaku Endo. I can at least say that I’ve heard of it, though, due to the fact that Martin Scorsese has been planning to make a movie based on it for what … Continue reading

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