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“And When Cardinal Kasper Lied At The Synod, I Stopped Listening To Him At All.”

That’s a direct quote from me, Joe Six-Pack, USMC. 

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Al-Qaeda Learns How To Lobby Congress? UPDATED

Just put together an American 501(c)(3), nonprofit corporation, call it the Syrian Emergency Task Force, and get busy swaying the opinions of seat holders in the House and Senate, writing op-ed pieces in the big papers, etc. One of my senators, Bob … Continue reading

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Why The Seven-Headed Dragon of Lying Will Never Be Slain

Because Satan! Just look at the image above, and note that one of the creatures represents the Father of Lies while the other represents Our Mother unstained by sin. She is in heaven now. And the beast?

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Did You Know St. Thomas Aquinas Preached A Sermon on Lying?

I didn’t either, until earlier this year when I picked up a copy of The Aquinas Catechism, published by Sophia Institute Press. Alert! This is a very long post. Just FYI.

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