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In Search of Pageviews, HUFFPOST Manufactures Clash Between Pope Francis and Pope Benedict?

That’s what it looks like to me. They’ve done stuff like this to boost pageviews before, you know. And what, pray tell, is the cause of the supposed rancor?

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Women Rally In Front Of The White House To Protest HHS Mandate, Media Ignores The Story

It happened yesterday. From what I gather, no one was arrested or anything. Unfortunately, no one from the mainstream media outlets covered the story either. Sandra Fluke wasn’t there, so it wasn’t newsworthy. Figures.

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Many News Organs Are Preaching To An Ever Shrinking Partisan Choir On Every Issue They Cover

What could I possibly have seen that leads me to make such a conclusion? Data from a study done by Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), shared by the folks over at CARA (the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate). That’s … Continue reading

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Anyone Care for a Game of “Secular Media Conclave Bingo?”

I hope the pot is well financed, because there will be a ton of winners. Check out their other card too. The Media Conclave has been in session since February 16th. It’s amazing they haven’t chosen a Pope for us … Continue reading

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When You Worship the Orgasm, Is Celibacy a Sin? (Tales from the MSM Catechism) UPDATED

Well that’s a no-brainer, citizen of the world. You betcha! When The Orgasm is held in It’s rightful place (the center of our being), to forgo having them isn’t just weird, it’s downright sinful.

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The MSM Catechism: Honor Thy Orgasm, And All The Kingdoms of the Earth Will Be Yours UPDATED

Joe Six-Pack here with a short little post on the worlds’ fascination with the orgasm. Remember my little missive on the subject before?

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