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Still Happy About What You Accomplished At The Polls? The Judiciary Is Amused…

    Relish  your victories well, fellow citizen. Savor them. Bubble over with enthusiasm for the new day dawning like it’s Morning In America. Remember?

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Top Artists: Beyoncé, Al Green, Sam Rocha…Wait. Who?

A few days back, on the Feast of St. Augustine, Sam Rocha’s album was released. It’s been climbing the charts ever since. I told you guys it was good, didn’t I? But what about other reviewers, you say?

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Catholics, Political Ideologies, And A Song That Explains Our Place On The Grid

Courtesy of Professor Tobin Grant, blogging on faith and politics for the Religion News Service. Decipher the graph here. Here’s the song that explains Catholics place on the grid. It popped into my head immediately.

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Want To Hear Christian Joy? Listen To The Singing In Kirkuk Cathedral…

The little video below comes via Natalia Trouiller’s Facebook page. She is accompanying the delegation of French bishops that is visiting Iraq right now. Here are the people we are praying and fasting for tomorrow. Roll clip!

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My Favorite Tracks From Sam Rocha’s Album, “Late To Love”

Long time readers of YIMCatholic know that I’ve got a thing for music. Once was, I ran posts to start the week off every Monday with selections of whatever turned my fancy. Rock & roll; classical; Jesus going mainstream; you name … Continue reading

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Source of Global Climate Change Found (And It Almost Killed Us All)!

The New York Post, and a few other news outlets, are now running the story that the solar flare that occurred in July 2012 (pictured below) almost took us back to the Stone Age. Maybe it would have, maybe it … Continue reading

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Praying For All Aboard Malaysia Flight 17, And Mourning Their Loss, In My Own, Feeble, Way

I heard the news the other day about Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashing in Ukraine. And then the world learned that it had been shot down by a surface-to-air missile. What a senseless tragedy. I went outside on a break … Continue reading

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Revenge Of The Disney Dads (Music for Mondays)

Facing the prospect of another day with Let It Go stuck in your keppe? Let these guys help you exorcise that.

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St. John of the Cross On What Ails The Catholic Blog-O-Sphere

Last week was a pretty embarrassing one in the parish of St. Blogs. It was enough to make me consider if continuing to blog was a worthwhile use of my time. There are other things to do, you know. I … Continue reading

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Stuff That Makes Me Question Authority? When The Agriculture Department Requests Tommy Guns


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