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Because You Never Know When Pope Francis Might Send You An E-Mail

First it was phone calls, then it was letters and interviews. And now il Papa just might e-mail you like he did Menachem Rosensaft.

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Cardinal Bergoglio’s Diagnosis Becomes Pope Francis’s FRAG Order

Joe Six-Pack, USMC here with a little vocabulary lesson, and a heads up on the mission at hand.

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Because Pope Francis Knows That All Phones Lead to Rome…

So too do all other electronic devices, you see.

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Riddle Me This: Why Has a Catholic Social Network Site Partnered with Google?

To try and find answers to questions like, “What do Catholics want from the interwebs?” The Vatican Insider  calls it a “holy Web alliance.” Take a look,

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A Great Example of the New Evangelization…from Canada?!

Beware the conventional wisdom. I mean, everyone knows that the Catholic Church is dead in Europe, right? And in Canada, our neighbors to the north? Aren’t they arresting parishioners and marching them off to gulags and such up there? Well, … Continue reading

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Before We See “il Papa’s” First Tweet…

here’s a tweet-sized shot of vitamin B-XVI, circa 2010. Maybe it’s a taste of  tweetable tidbits  to come?   Don’t forget to check in on @pontifex tomorrow.

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A Conference for Young Adult Ministers to Meet at Disney World…

There seems to be a huge gap in the Church in America. It can be measured in the 18 to 39 year old age demographic. Have you noticed that in many cases, once children receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, or … Continue reading

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